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The CBS series Barnaby Jones is a Quinn Martin Production

w. = writer, d. = director, m. = music (composer).

Barnaby Jones Episode Guide: Episode number [Episode numbering: first digit indicates the season number, the other three digits indicate the episode number (in order of airing, not production number): e.g. 1001 is season one, episode one; 6130 is season six, episode number 130)], episode title, original US airdates (month/day/year), PN: production number.

Season One 1973

1001. Requiem For a Son (01/28/73) ; PN 9701

After his private detective son Hal Jones is shot retired Barnaby Jones decides to solve the murder with the help of Frank Cannon. They find out that Hal was working for Terry McCormack, who seeks a career in politics but is blackmailed now.
Teleplay: Edward Hume, story: Adrian Samish, d. Walter Grauman, m. Jerry Goldsmith
William Conrad (Frank Cannon), Bradford Dillman (Terry McCormack), Robert Hogan (Reed Carpenter), Keith Charles (Marshall Eaton), Robert Patten (Hal Jones), Mary Jackson (Karen's Landlady).
With: Erica Hagen (Donna), Dan Barton (Doctor), Patrick Culliton (Russell, Reporter), Richard A. Washington (McCormack's Spokesman).

1002. To Catch a Dead Man (02/04/73) ; PN 9702

Wealthy married Philip Carlyle persuades unwitting Mike Hartney to sail his cabin cruiser with a time bomb aboard. After the explosion Phil is believed to be dead and can begin a new life with his mistress Diane. Julie hires Barnaby to search for her friend Mike.
w. Ben Masselink, d. William Hale, m. Jeff Alexander
William Shatner (Phil A. Carlyle/ Fred Williams), Janice Rule (Diane Stewart), Darleen Carr (Julie Barton), Victoria Shaw (Dorothy Carlyle), James McCallion (David Dodge), Anne Randall (Billie Thompson), Charles Cyphers (Mike Hartney).
With: Eldon Quick (Veterinarian at Pet Land), David Ankrum (Dodge's Grandson), Jack Grapes (?), Damu King (Painter), Stuart Nisbet (Adams, Bank Manager), Erena Radich (Bank Clerk?), Matt Pelto (?), Sharon Johansen (Blond Waitress?), Pat O'Hara (Carlyle's Butler).

1003. Sunday: Doomsday (02/25/73) ; PN 9705

Just released Howard Lee meditates revenge on Barnaby Jones who put him into prison. He sends a funeral wreath, predicts Barnaby's death on Sunday and is constantly watching him. When Betty finally finds out who threatens Barnaby she falls into Lee's hands.
w. Mort Fine & David Friedkin, d. Michael Caffey
Gary Lockwood (Howard Lee), Corinne Camacho (Bonnie Lee, Howard's Ex- wife), Vince Howard (Lt. Joe Taylor), Jeff Donnell (Janet Gossett, Roger's Wife), Lynn Hamilton (Laura Padget, Hairdresser), Mia Bendixsen (Chris Lee, Howard's Daughter), Conlan Carter (Roger Gossett, Draftsman).
With: Susan Davis (?), Sarah Fankboner (?), Jon Cedar (Danny Gernreich), Tom Palmer (Salesman at Arms Store), Barbara George (Woman #1 on Playground), Jennifer Rhodes (?), Ted Lehmann (Bartender), Stephanie Mann (?), Michael Masters (Postman).

1004. The Murdering Class (03/04/73) ; PN 9704

When caught stealing exam questions Paul accidentally kills George Enright. His friend Charles Lomax makes it look like a drunken George stole money and fell to death. When Barnaby is hired to investigate, Charles drops false clues that point to Ron Fannon.
w. Robert Sherman, d. Ralph Senensky, m. Duane Tatro
Geraldine Brooks (Janet Enright, Principal), Jerry Houser (Paul Thayer), Andrew Parks (Charles Lomax), Booth Colman (Victor Sterne), David Moses (Ron Fannon, Tennis Teacher), James Daughton (Willie Grand), John Carter (George Enright).
With: Hank Brandt (Lt. Ross), John Graham (?), Charles Waggenheim (?), Christopher Man (?), Chad States (?), Rory O'Brien (?), Buff Secor (?).

1005. Perchance to Kill (03/11/73) ; PN 9706

Tony Bloom accuses his associate Steve Kingston of a theft and of having an affair with his wife. Steve kills Tony pretending an assault by two hippies. Barnaby is hired to find Christie and her hippy friend Eric who will be arrested under suspicion of murder.
w. Robert Dennis, d. Walter Grauman
Sharon Acker (Gail Bloom), Eric Braeden (Steven Kingston), Jamie Smith- Jackson (Christie Sanders), Richard Hatch (Eric Garvin), Barbara Stuart (Winnie Harback), Nancy Wickwire (Mrs. Sanders, Christie's Mother), Frank Maxwell (Lt. Wilbur Keough), Mark Roberts (Tony Bloom), Richard Bull (J.I. Fletcher), Ross Elliott (Dr. Dean Sanders).
With: Allen Emerson (?), Pepe Callahan (Ames), Lavelle Roby (Marilyn, Detective?), Jim Andronica (?), Jean Le Bouvier (?), Bob Golden (Police Officer), Michael Miller (?).

1006. The Loose Connection (03/18/73) ; PN 9707

Barnaby travels to Baja California with Eleanor to find her father. Way back his car is damaged in an accident. Unwittingly he has been used as heroin courier. He calls Eleanor to account and they let themselves in for a dangerous gamble with the dope pushers.
w. Edward J. Lakso, d. Virgil W. Vogel
Nico Minardos (Raul Felipe), Lloyd Bochner (John Stevens), Christine Belford (Eleanor Devers/Laura Tennace), Michael Blodgett (Kirk), Richard X. Slattery (Wayne Walters), Ben Hammer (Henry Cole).
With: Ted Gehring (Eddie Mason), Thom Carney (Border Official #2), George Cooper (Thomas Devers alias Harvey Conwell), Don Ross (Border Official #1), Claudio Miranda (Mexican at Fishing Pier), Grant Owens (?), Brian Wood (?), Patrick Culliton (Pete Downs, Mechanic), Paul Ryan (?), Eric Butler (?).

1007. Murder in the Doll's House (03/25/73) ; PN 9708

While working on a revealing book Harry Doyle is killed. Looking for the missing writer and his manuscript Barnaby meets Harry's friend Nancy. Finally he spots the missing pages in the doll's house of Craig Woodridge's aunt. Does Craig have a shady past?
w. Ben Masselink, d. Lawrence Dobkin
Anne Francis (Miriam Woodridge), Jack Cassidy (Craig Woodridge), Estelle Winwood (Craig's Aunt Anita), Cathy Lee Crosby (Nancy Erdmore), Whit Bissell (Roy Bantry), Phillip Pine (Jay Randall, Publisher).
With: Richard Derr (Harry Doyle), William Swan (Receptionist at Los Reyes Inn).

1008. Sing a Song of Murder (04/01/73) ; PN 9709

When rock music star Rick Michaels accidentally falls into his empty pool his girl friend April thinks he is dead. Rick's managers Rooney und Paige believe the same and fearing for their salary they feign a kidnapping. Barnaby searches for April, who disappeared.
w. Martin Roth & Lou Shaw, d. Virgil W. Vogel, Original Song by Andy Kim
Jackie Coogan (Phil Rooney), Arlene Golonka (Sue Paige), Heidi Vaughn (Gloria Vickers), Jonathan Lippe ("Mr. Smith"), Paul Lambert (Earl Samson), Judy Strangis (April Dayton), Dan Tobin (Karl Ludwig), Andy Kim (Rick Michaels).
With: Michael DeLano (Man Repairing Pool), Paul Sorensen (Gardener at Rick Michaels), J.H. Lawrence (Perry, Samson's Secretary?), David Brandon (Salesman), Jim Driskill (Police Officer), Don Fenwick (?), Ruben Moreno (Lt. Valdez?).

1009. See Some Evil, Do Some Evil (04/08/73) ; PN 9710

Harry Warren is shot by Stanley Lambert, the seemingly blind pianist at "The Offside" club. Barnaby finds out that larger amounts from Warren's account did not go to his mistress Jenny. He tries to expose Stanley as a person with eyesight and a blackmailer.
w. George F. Slavin, d. Lawrence Dobkin
Marlyn Mason (Ginny Lind, Singer), Roddy McDowall (Stanley Lambert), Reni Santoni (Chip Rawlins), Patricia Donahue (Ruth Warren), Don Dubbins (Emory Brandon), Vince Howard (Lt. Joe Taylor).
With: Beverly Powers (Gloria, Waitress), Mark Dana (?), Morgan Farley (Minister at Funeral), Ian Abercrombie (?), Larry Wilde (?), Gene Benton (?), Ed Fury (?), Michael Palmer (?).

1010. Murder-Go-Round (04/15/73) ; PN 9703

Nick Gorman, who tries in vain to meet Johnny Arthur, is killed in a hit-and-run accident. Barnaby poses as a man on a fishing trip to investigate. The townspeople Flory, Johnson, Spake and Rile draw lots on who should kill Barnaby. They all acquired sudden wealth.
w. Steve Fisher, d. Marc Daniels, m. Duane Tatro
Claude Akins (Eli Rile), Neva Patterson (Bea Johnson), Lou Frizzell (John Flory), Dabbs Greer (Andy Spake), James Luisi (Nick Gorman), Geoffrey Lewis (Sheriff Otis Dale), Jay W. MacIntosh (Helena Gorman).
With: Richard Yniguez (Sgt. J.J. Stoner), Florida Friebus (Molly McMurty), James Duffy (?), John Taylor (?), Stephen Liss (?).

1011. To Denise, with Love and Murder (04/22/73) ; PN 9711

Alex Chandler kills his mistress Denise during a quarrel, because she talked to his rich wife Hazel hoping to encourage a divorce. A disappointed Hazel leaves home and as she does not return her brother hires Barnaby to find out whether Alex murdered Hazel.
w. Robert C. Dennis, d. Ralph Senensky
Bill Bixby (Alex Chandler), Louise Troy (Hazel Turlock-Chandler), Nora Marlowe (Martha Durant, Housekeeper), Claudia Jenning (Denise Frazer), Jill Jaress (Sherry), Vince Howard (Lt. Joe Taylor).
With: William Lanteau (Charles Turlock), Jack Manning (?), Daniel M. White (?), Paul Bryar (Mr. Jannett), John Ward (Alex Chandler's Lawyer), Tom Stewart (Detective).

1012. A Little Glory, a Little Death (04/29/73) ; PN 9712

Gloria overhears ageing movie star Jason Craig's involvement in drug smuggling. Her blackmail threat leads to her death and Jason pushes her car over a cliff. Her daughter Doris hires Barnaby, who is put out of action. Jones tells Doris to disguise as Gloria.
w. Shirl Hendryx, d. Robert Day
Barry Sullivan (Jason Craig), Meg Foster (Doris Talbot), Alex Henteloff (Harry March), Carol Ohmart (Gloria Colby / Elly Hansen).
With: Byron Morrow (Dr. Reynold's, Barnaby's Doctor), Jeffrey Lynn (?), Brendan Dillon (Jason Craig's Butler), Bill Erwin (Customs Officer at Airport), Don Ross (Manager at Gloria's Apartment), Mark Thomas (Corby Lyons), Irene Gilbert (Saleswoman at Importer's Emporium), Luanne Roberts (?), Sandra de Bruin (Jason's Party Guest Fay?), Jan Watson (?), Don Torres (?).

1013. Twenty Million Alibis (05/06/73); PN 9713

During a TV talk show presenting his memoirs former jewel thief Tony Neill plans to steal a diamond necklace unnoticed during a break. He succeeds, but kills the butler. Barnaby is hired by an insurance company to find jewellry and asks Neill for advice.
w. Robert Hamner, d. Michael Caffey
Peter Haskell (Tony Neill), Bert Freed (Pol. Det. Captain Ben Wyatt), Gary Owens (Gary Michaels, TV Host), Susanne Hildur (Angela Channing), Marie Windsor (Carole Morrison), Robert H. Harris (Samuel Koessel).
With: Michael Laurence (Bill, TV Show Announcer), Ben Wright (Mr. Jason, Mrs. Morrison's Butler), Charles Isen (Studio Technician at KBEX), John Gruber (?), Ed Marino (?).

Production Credits:

Executive Producer: Quinn Martin
Producers: Adrian Samish (1001), Gene Levitt.
Supervising Producer: Adrian Samish (1002-1013).
Executive Production Manager: Howard Alston
Assistant to the Executive Producer: John Conwell
Executive Story Consultant: Robert Blees
Directors of Photography: Jack Swain A.S.C. (1001, 1013), Harry Wolf A.S.C. (1002-1004, 1010, 1011), Michael Joyce 1005, William Spencer A.S.C. (1006-1009, 1012.)
Theme by Jerry Goldsmith
Production Managers: Fred Ahern (1001, 1002), Kent McCray (1003- 1013).
Developed for Television by Edward Hume
Art Directors: Bill Kenney (1001), Allen Smith (1002-1006, 1010-1011), George B. Chan (1007-1009, 1012-1013).
Film Editors: Richard Brockway (1001, 1008, 1013), Marston Fay (1002, 1004, 1005, 1007, 1009, 1012), Howard Kunin A.C.E. (1003, 1006, 1011), Don Hoskinson (1010).
Unit Production Managers: Lou Place (1001), Ed Hillie (1002-1005, 1010, 1011), Lloyd Allen (1006-1009, 1012, 1013).
Assistant Directors: David Whorf (1001), Richard Bremerkamp (1002, 1004, 1005), Charles R. Scott, Jr. (1003, 1006, 1008, 1011, 1013), Paul Wurtzel (1007, 1009, 1012), James Engle (1010).
Set Decorators: John Franco, Jr. (1001-1006, 1010, 1011), Hoyle Barrett (1007-1009, 1012, 1013).
Music Supervisor: John Elizalde
Cars Furnished by Ford Marketing Corporation
In Charge of Production: Arthur Fellows
A QM Production
Filmed at the Samuel Goldwyn Studio

Broadcast by CBS
Worldvision Enterprises Inc., a Taft Broadcasting Company

Credits were taken from the TV title and end credits of "Barnaby Jones". Although efforts have been made to identify all actors on the show (even in bit parts) not everybody could be related to her/his correponding role. For Season One the character names of the 'with' actors were not listed, only the actors' names. (Although several additional people could be identified by now, I am still working on this; your help is welcome...). Many names were double-checked for correct spelling. Thanks to US Internet Movie Database as their filmographies were of great help to identify lesser known performers.

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